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Sound Healing & Consciousness

Vocal Activation

Singing is medicine for the body, spirit and mind. You can be your own sound healer by humming, chanting and singing to yourself. Singing is a cathartic way to express and release emotions somatically. It's a human given right that everyone has and can use for their own healing and to gift healing upon others. You don't have to limit yourself when it comes to singing, you already have everything available in you to sing. By unblocking mental and physical limitations with my guidance, you will be thrilled to see your full potential. This is your chance to discover your true voice and to sing with confidence and ease. Let me help you on your journey, singing is for everyone!

“Vocal music is considered to be the highest, for it is natural; the effect produced by an instrument which is merely a machine cannot be compared with that of the human voice. However perfect strings may be, they cannot make the same impression on the listener as the voice which comes direct from the soul as breath, and has been brought to the surface through the medium of the mind and the vocal organs of the body.” 
― Hazrat Inayat Khan, The Mysticism of Music, Sound and Word

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Singing Lessons

Singing lessons are available in person and online. I am offering classes and packages for you to bring your singing to your next level and reveal the authentic beauty that is uniquely your voice.  

  • Find your true authentic & unique voice

  • Feel confidence, freedom & ease in your body

  • Understand singing mechanics and how to use your voice properly 

  • Learn singing techniques to open the voice

  • Sing songs you thought were difficult 

  • Improvisation & intuitive singing

  • Singing for sound healing

  • Express, emote & share your own story 

  • Connect to your voice on a deeper level

  • Transcend & transform when singing


Kyla Quinn is your Singing Coach


I have been singing for 20 years starting out in church, then in college a capella groups, moving on to singing in jazz bands in New York City, and now as a sound healer in Mexico City. Singing has always been a part of my life as a child and has come very natural to me but, I could never imagine singing alone and in front of a group of people before I was 16 years old.

But one opportunity arose for me to take a solo singing role and I decided to try it. I tried it because there was little voice inside of me that said "I could do it if I just tried". I was blown away that I had the capability to take a lead role and to be seen and witnessed. I remember when I had my first performance infront of my church congregation. At the rehearsal, I played my song and the band leader gave me a simple but sincere compliment. I ran into the girls bathroom and started to cry for about 10 minutes. It was such a beautiful and healing experience because I felt seen as I was showing my authentic self and bearing my soul. 

Singing is not only about technique and how high or loud you can sing, or how many vocal trills and runs you can do. Its about your connection to yourself and showing your soul to others. It's about being vulnerable and sharing who you are and what your story is. It's about being witnessed and being seen. Its about sharing your love and soul to help others heal.

No matter what I sing now it doesn't matter the context, if I'm in a jazz bar being the center of attention or if I'm at a kirtan singing with a group of people, I always feel the same connection with myself and to a higher source or energy. Singing has helped me when I had been lonely and depressed and has always been a good friend to me because it emphasized my own relationship to myself. I will help you on your singing journey to connect you with your body and spirit so that you can be in a blissful meditative state with your connection to the source.

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