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Sound Healing & Consciousness

Listen to your inner Voice.

The best is always happening, we just need to come back to the source. 

What if I told you that all suffering comes from the subordination of the self to the "it" (the event, the person, the topic). 


I started my awakening journey when I was 13 years old, I was introduced to semiology of life which comes from semiotics and the tools that I got there changed my life forever. 


My goal is to give you those tools so that you can become the best version of yourself.


It is not enough with being aware, you have to remember constantly that you are aware of your awareness.  


Do You Want To Know More About Yourself ? 

Have you ever heard the phrase "know yourself and you will know the universe"?

I love helping people find their higer self voice and follow it from a place of unconditional love and radical forgiveness. Becoming more and more coherent with their feelings, thoughts and actions without feeling gilty or remorse. Semiology of life is an educational system focused on the study of yourself to raise your conciousness and quality of life.


I'm a consultant of the knowledge of the human being! 

If you are experiencing stress, axiety, confussion or if you're just interested on waking up from the "maya"  

(the illusion of the world) don't hesitate on reaching out to me. 

We'll learn together because it is a journey, I will be giving especific homework and exercises that will make you more aware and connected to your fulfilment. 

Schedule an appointment of 60 minutes for half the price and see how you feel. 

Let's raise our consciousness together! 

Get a Consult

Get the tools to awaken yourself here and now, you only have to remember to be unconditional love once; in the present moment. Just remember. 

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Semiology Therapy for half price


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